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What is a General Laborer?

What is a General Laborer?

The term ‘general laborer’ is widely used in many companies. But, what does that REALLY mean? A term ‘general laborer’ typically does more physical, hands-on work while on duty. For example, people working in the areas of construction, packaging, maintenance and warehouses with no particular skill requirements are all considered general laborer positions.

Have you seen job descriptions on our webpage that include: Do you enjoy a fast paced work environment? In this position you will help load trucks, label bags and help clean up the facility. Our client is willing to train individuals that possess good work ethic. –OR –Looking for 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts to work up to 40hrs per week. This is packaging, blending, and sleeving meat products. Able to get 8hrs to 40hrs per week working with great people? These descriptions represent examples of our available general laborer positions available at Locate Staffing.

This type of worker also has a different set of responsibilities from its white-collar counterpart; working one of three shirts and finishing work responsibilities upon leaving the job site. Dress code is also an important component to these positions. Think, what would I wear to visit grandma on Saturday? Answers typically range using the words, t-shirts and jeans. AND THAT’S OKAY! Some jobs require specific clothes or items necessary for the job such as steel-toed boots, hair/beard nets or safety glasses.

All and all, these jobs are generally ‘labor’ intensive. If you are ready to work, we have jobs ready for YOU!