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Turning Good News into Great News!

Turning Good News into Great News!

Extra, extra! Read all about it! You watch the news on TV, hear it on the radio and read it on the internet; and, when it comes to our economy and unemployment in our great state, for the last few years it seems as though the news has been nothing but bad.

Well, not this month!

It’s about time for some GOOD news: September of this year marks the lowest jobless rate in our state since October of 2008! That’s right, Wisconsin had an unemployment rate of 5.5% in September, down from 5.7% in August and 6.6% in September 2013. Not only that, unemployment fell in 70 of the state’s 72 counties too. That’s a far cry from the state’s highest point of 9.2% in 2009.

So what does that mean for the person who is still looking for a job or to change jobs (aka YOU)??

Well, first and foremost, there are jobs out there! More specifically, there is an influx of clerical workers in the Sheboygan market right now. Many companies are looking for a full-time employee to perform administrative duties using a variety of different skills, including data entry, scheduling appointments, even some customer service. Some positions require background knowledge to apply, such as the healthcare reimbursement process for example, but others may just require some education and then train you specifically towards the position.

So take a look at our Search Jobs tab above or download our Locate Staffing app to get started. It’s time to take this good news and turn it into GREAT news for your career.