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The Right Connection

The Right Connection

The internet has completely changed the way that we live; perhaps the most significant way it has changed our lives is that we are connected to people easier and faster than ever before. This connection is exactly what makes our job possible here at Locate Staffing.

A staffing agency like ours acts as a connection between employers and job seekers or potential employees. There will always be companies with open positions and qualified job seekers looking to fill those positions. Our agency aims to make both of those searches a little easier by providing a place where both groups can meet to find just what they are looking for, the right connection.

Utilizing a staffing agency is a win-win situation for everyone involved. First, companies looking to fill positions can simply advertise them with us with a job description and required qualifications of their desired employee. This process can save that company time and money, because now a hired employee isn’t necessary to recruit applicants. Next, job seekers have a place to go in order to find a suitable position (which saves plenty of time going door-to-door or tracking down newspapers to read the classifieds!).

Then, it’s up to us! Here at Locate Staffing, we use our employment network and human resources expertise to match the labor needs of our clients with individuals who have the necessary skills to meet those needs. Both of these can be helpful because we have already worked with plenty of employers where solid relationships have been established, in addition we have a high level of expertise in human resources and employment trends. (Sounds like an easy decision, right?)

Whether you are a company looking to hire or a job seeker looking for your next opportunity, let us be your connection!