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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Every company has tangible assets that are important – employees, computers, products…to name a few. But what most customers don’t see is one intangible asset that makes the company successful; employees actions towards each other and at work, personal goals and the union of every team member. If you haven’t guessed it, we’re talking about company culture.

So why is it so important? In short, a strong culture can help a company run smoothly. In a company with an established culture, employees understand a company’s values and can work to find a solution in times of need. Not only that, those people can integrate new employees to the business quickly by passing on the company’s beliefs and encouraging solutions that appeal to the entire team’s success. Speaking of that team, every employee within a strong-cultured company feels more engaged and motivated to succeed because there is a sense of loyalty and belonging to the group. Perhaps most importantly, individuals feel valued and like their contribution is important; trusting the others to do their best work for the greater good.

So how do we achieve that? As a starting point, state a clear mission. Culture is extremely important (people rate their company’s culture equally as important to their satisfaction as they actual duties they perform!) so the management must emphasize a mission and a strategic plan that are both clearly understood. Next, every great company has great communication. Every level of the organization must be able to work with another, the more the entry levels are involved in decision making, the more they feel a sense of ownership. Also, find ways that employees can motivate each other. Last but not least, make sure your company is having fun! Company-sponsored recreational sports teams or outings, for example, can unite employees in a casual setting and then make them feel more comfortable and confident to share their ideas at work. Of course, game rooms, casual dress days and random giveaways always help to improve morale too!

With the current status of the economy, job seekers are accepting positions below their qualification level and because they are happy to simply have a job, company culture may not seem so valuable. The best preparation for this is for companies to analyze their current culture now and begin making improvements now to ensure a good working environment as soon as possible.