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New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

So we are eager to know… after all that colorful confetti fell and you had your midnight kiss, did you take some time to create some new year’s resolutions?

Whether you already did (or are still working on them?) we think the new year is special because of one reason: it’s a brand new start. To many people, a new year brings new hope and a chance to make their life even better than the prior year.

For a lot of people, making a better life begins with their career. So, now it’s our turn to share with you a little new year’s celebration: the job market in 2015 is looking up! In short, it’s the best hiring outlook since 2006.

By the numbers, private sector employment gained 241,000 jobs in December. The service-providing sector added 194,000 jobs and the goods-providing sector added 46,000 jobs according to the ADP national employment report in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics.

The good news is that the opportunities are out there; our best advice to you is to keep your resume updated and be aware of any new careers in your area (we regularly update our website with exciting opportunities). If the number of jobs continues to increase like it has lately, the economy could be back to full employment in roughly a year. How about that for a little new years hope?