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Jingle All The Way…To A New Job!

Jingle All The Way…To A New Job!

They are flooding your TV and radio and replaying in your head multiple times a day. Yep, we are talking about those catchy holiday commercials! The dancing jingle bell elves and singing Santas are back for the most wonderful time of the year! And as repetitive (and even annoying) as they might be, you can’t deny one thing: you remember them! Ultimately they fulfill their purpose of helping you remember their brand when walking into a store (or shop online!) to make a purchase.

Did you know that finding a job works the same way? No, we’re not saying that you need to create a jingle and purchase ad space on TV to perform it, but you can use the same idea to market yourself for a job.

The whole process of marketing yourself in an interview begins with knowing the available position and confirming that you have the qualifications to fill it. A company posts a position because they have a need or problem they need a solution for, so prepare answers about how you will fill that position and examples with details on how you will solve their problem (extra research on the company may be involved here). Next, make sure you know yourself! That may sound silly, but the preparation time you take to look over your resume and review your past education and work experiences will pay off during an interview (when you are asked to give specific examples about your past). Finally, be prepared to tell a recruiter what makes YOU the best choice for the position and what you can offer that others can’t (oh yeah…and a positive attitude and smile always help in this area too!).

So this Christmas season, take a minute to watch those ads on TV and remember what makes them so catchy and apply those to your interview skills. Your goal is to be catchy, yet informative, so that the recruiter will remember YOU and give you the best gift they can: a new job!