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Hard to Believe Its The End of 2014

Hard to Believe Its The End of 2014

As hard as it is to believe, 2014 is quickly coming to an end! Along with that comes a time of reflection on the past year and our company as a whole. Locate Staffing is of course just that: a staffing company that places qualified people into jobs. That seems like a pretty basic concept, but we believe that our purpose runs much deeper.

Let’s start with our clients – the employers. It’s not just that we find new employees to fill their positions; we complete the work for them. Without us as their agency, our clients would need to hire a human resources department, costing valuable time and money. Plus, with more experience in the human resources department and more knowledge about the current job market, we don’t just find an employee to fill the position – we find the best fit.

And… we can’t forget those job applicants. It’s not just that we find people to fill open jobs, but we find the RIGHT job so the employee is happy in his or her new role (and satisfied with the company as well). Of course linking people with jobs means that they can earn money to support their families both now and in the future. To take it a step farther: more positions filled makes for a better economy and job market across the board.

Despite our dedicated work in placing people into job opportunities, we are always looking to improve. One of our many goals is to strengthen the relationships that we already have started building. We have built a great network of employers and we only hope for continuous growth in the future. One way we plan to do that is by continuing to provide current clients quality and responsive service along with finding the best employees with the appropriate skills needed. We would also like to offer our clients the chance to give us feedback on our service. Hearing constructive feedback can only help us to improve in the future; we encourage that as well.

In reflection, we are so proud of our clients who are providing these jobs for the communities we serve. This allows us to be their agency , an assistant to find the best employees for their teams. It is a privilege to help so many people find work. Our hope is that they can be more satisfied in the workplace and support their families in the meantime. We are also very proud of our staffing consultants and managers who work at Locate Staffing and Onsite Solutions. Their tireless efforts put forth into buying into our company’s mission statement does not go unnoticed. Without our dedicated employees, we wouldn’t be the great team that we are today! This year has been successful and enjoyable, and we look forward to many more of the same in the future!