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Employeer? Employee?

Employeer? Employee?

We know that you can handle a lot of things on your own – picking out the best winter boots before the snow arrives, choosing the new family pet among a litter of newborn puppies, deciding on your next vacation spot to name a few (we like the beach this time of year, by the way)…

But, when it comes to finding your next job (or perhaps your lifelong career), that’s where WE step in to help! Here at Locate Staffing, we offer many benefits to your job search compared to handling on your own.

First, if you’re searching for employment, a staffing agency like ours provides a “hub” where employers come to advertise their open positions. This can save you plenty of time scouring the newspaper or even going door-to-door. Instead, you will have a variety of options to search through at the click of your mouse…And when we say a variety, we mean it! Our website lists jobs in a number of different categories: office support to customer service to manufacturing. No matter what category you’re searching, chances are good that we have available jobs to offer. Not only that, but once you have selected a position of interest, a full job description is listed in detail so you are immediately aware of the requirements, duties and responsibilities of being in that role. Think of Locate Staffing as your one-stop shop for all your employment needs…and a method that can save you time and money in the process. Oh yeah, plus did we mention it’s FREE?

Now as an employer, our staffing agency is just as helpful in your journey to filling positions with qualified employees. As mentioned, we are the “hub” where a large number of qualified employees visit at all hours of the day to search for their next position. By working with us, you already have a large exposure to a pool of potential employees which can fill your position(s) even quicker. We also offer the expertise you’re looking for – a team that is knowledgeable about the job market, employment trends, even recruitment practices. Finally, we have established a network that may help you in the case of hiring seasonal workers, for example. We are already aware of dependable employees and can match them with your positions before you would even have time to hire a recruiter.

So whether you are looking to post a job or apply for one, Locate Staffing is here to help! And as for that vacation spot…. we’ll leave that up to you.