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Character and Getting Hiring – Is There A Connection?

Character and Getting Hiring – Is There A Connection?

So you landed an interview!

You excelled during the application process. Your resume is complete and updated. You researched the company ahead of time. You have a clean-cut, professional outfit picked out. It seems like you’re all set, right? Not so fast…

One item on your preparation list that must not be left out is YOU! That’s right, companies are placing more and more value on a potential employee’s personality traits during the hiring process. The weeks of editing your resume and finding the perfect blouse may be all for naught if you don’t present yourself in a professional manner in the interview process.

They say the first impression is a lasting impression. An interviewer is taking notice of a quality that companies value the MOST in potential employees: confidence. This trait can be demonstrated with a firm handshake, smile and even a confident, strong posture as you enter the room.

When happens after you dazzle them with your confidence? Companies are looking for professionalism (stay on work-related topics and demonstrate maturity), high-energy (be outgoing, have a positive attitude) and intellectual interest (ask questions, be curious about the company and where it’s headed).

As a potential employee, remember to consider your own personality when preparing for an interview. You may be the most qualified candidate for the position, but if you don’t take the interview process seriously and demonstrate certain qualities that companies search for, you may be overlooked for a job offer. So put on that smile, stand confidently, and go get that job!