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Against the Odds

Against the Odds

An important piece of acquiring a job is knowing the outlook of the job market and what opportunities are available to you. Currently, the state’s job market is showing a surplus of job openings and a shortage of workers – more than 75,000 jobs are listed on Wisconsin’s employment website and there are more than 170,000 unemployed Wisconsin residents. But, why?

The answer has two reasons. First, there is a skills gap where unemployed people cannot fill open positions because they don’t have the necessary training. Second, demographics play a role as millions of baby boomers are leaving the workforce (and there aren’t enough people to replace them).

A few large companies in the area, Rockline Industries and Times Publishing Co. are looking for people to hire… and can’t fill the positions. The good news is that these companies are looking to hire and train people that they weren’t considering a few years ago; filling positions at the lower end of the skills range and then promoting from within (hello, temp to hire to promotee!).

The best way to stay “in the know” is by reading local newspapers, watching the news and gaining an overall understanding of your areas’ industries and specialties in the job market. There are opportunities in your own backyard, but it’s up to you to do a little homework and find the demand in the market in order to get your career started. Stay up to date with Locate Staffing’s news by following us on Facebook: http://ow.ly/CPEdn