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Testimonials – Job Seekers

"Thanks to Locate Staffing in Green Bay I can successfully say that my job skills have grown immensely. Angela was able to match or exceed my needs whenever I had any questions. Also Kyle was very helpful when Angela was away or with another client. If I ever have needs for another position I will most definitely go back to those friendly faces."

Ryan Edwards

"I called On Site Solutions at Rockline today and the associate I spoke with was very helpful, polite and courteous. I would recommend giving them a call if you are looking for employment." 

Terri Olsen

"While inquiring with On Site at Rockline about opportunities in the Sheboygan area, they were very informative! When I finally decide to make my move I know that I will utilize their professionalism and willingness to help! Moving is never easy and kind of scary but with On Site's staff, I know that I will be well taken care of! Thank you for making my decision on relocating easier!"

Becci Davis Tucker

"Locate Staffing helped me find one of the most perfect jobs for me! They are also very friendly, helpful and personable! Better than any other staffing agency I've worked with, hands down. Thank you! :)" 

“Fond du Lac” Patrick Williams

"Love the place I have been working with them off and on for the past 3 years or so..."

Jennifer Leavitt

"I called On Site Solutions at Rockline, inquiring about some potential staffing needs. The lady I talked to was very informative and polite. It was greatly appreciated."

Jeremy David

" 'OSS at OWS' Missy is very hardworking and friendly to work with...very helpful at all levels!" 

Dawn Yancey

"Great place for employment! On-site at OWS, Missy is fantastic!"

Tamie Emmer

"Consultants are friendly. They help you find a job that adjusts to your schedule. I had a great experience at Rockline thanks to Ashlynn.  Always answered all my questions with a smile."

Amanda Ross

"I work through the Green Bay office for Locate Staffing. Angela and Kyle, the agents that work there, are wonderful, caring people who work with you to make your schedule work for you. They are great people!!"

Karen Bruechert

"I called On Site Solutions at Rockline today and the associate I spoke with was very helpful, polite and courteous. I would recommend giving them a call if you are looking for employment."

Terri Olsen

"Went to OSS at OWS when i needed a different job, they were helpful and quick. I am very happy working at OWS. I would refer anyone who asks to go to OSS at OWS. #OSS at OWS"

Joseph Williams

"I worked with OnSite at Old Wisconsin last year. Missy was always helpful when I needed anything. She is a great example of someone who really cares about her employees. I highly recommend OnSite at OWS to others!"

Alisha Callovi

"My review is for Kyle that runs the Manitowoc Wisconsin office he's is GREAT.  If you want to work and show up every day he will put you to work."

Josh Crapper

"I'm recently looking to relocate to the Sheboygan area. While in a job search online, I saw On Site Solutions. I called the Rockline office and the lady I spoke to was very sweet and gave me information on what I needed to do to apply. She made my fear of moving due to lack of a job a little more easy!"

Amy M. Casey

"The first person that you talk to when requesting information is the most important. Nothing makes or breaks your day than someone that does not care about your problem. When requesting info from staffing online at Rockline, I was given precise, accurate information from a young lady wearing a smile, it shown even through the phone."

Bev Lazar

"I love that every time I call looking for a job, Inga is right there with one and she's always has the information I need and always there to help. She's the best."

Angelica Noel

"Thanks so much for Locate Staffing in Sheboygan, i worked with On-Site Solution for 1 year then got hired, I'm glad and love it."

Rabbits Kia