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10 Resume Writing Tips

10 Resume Writing Tips

It is possible for your resume to work against you. How so, you ask? We’ve search the internet and come across (what we feel are) the 10 best tips for resume writing. Read our version of the tips for yourself –

1. Attempting one size fits all. We get it, it is easy to copy and paste from employer to employer. However, organizations want to you write a resume specific to their job openings, tell them why you are the perfect fit.

2. Lack of specifics. Saying you worked in a factory doesn’t tell us much, we want to know what you have all accomplished. Enlighten us with details…and examples!

3. Prioritize! What is most important and relevant information to you is the same for us, lay out your resume accordingly.

4. Visually too busy. Do you get a headache from reading your own resume? Try to create paragraph headers such as…work experience, education, accomplishments; thank you in advance for saving us the pain!

5. Incorrect contact information. Did you recently change your phone number? Address? Double check to ensure this information is correct, it will be the difference on whether or not you get contacted for an interview (literally!).

6. Include keywords. Okay, this isn’t a Google search, but your resume should include the same keywords that appear in a job description. This proves that you are REALLY paying attention to the type of job you are applying.

7. Professional e-mail address. Create one, ASAP. If your e-mail address doesn’t include your first and last name, it may be time to reevaluate. Let’s face it, you may be ‘2cute’ or a ‘kewldude’ but that isn’t relevant here.

8. Avoid the first person. Yes, you. Remove any pronoun ‘I’ from your resume. Who else would you be referencing?

9. Keep it short. Get to the point. Full sentences are not always necessary when referencing all of your accomplishments and work history; in any case, use your best judgment.

10. Proofread it. Twice. Then after you’re done, have someone else proofread it; typos and poor grammar may affect your chance of getting hired.

There you have it, our valuable opinion on how to make your resume one that gets a second look. Now, go write and best of luck while searching for a job!