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Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions Earns WRC Certification

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions announced today that they have now been awarded Workers' Compensation Risk Certification (WRC).

The WRC program recognizes staffing companies that practice best in class risk management to reduce workplace injuries and related costs. WRC certified companies maintain that a focus on safety and risk management protects their employees while offering a higher level of service to clients.

“Safety and risk management are important areas of focus for our clients” says Janelle Koren, owner and CEO of both Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions. “This certification not only shows that we are an expert in these areas, but also that we are a valuable partner to work with to ensure safety in the workplace.”

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions are the only staffing agencies headquartered in Wisconsin that hold this WRC certification.

To be awarded certification, companies undergo a thorough review of their operational practices as they apply to hiring and screening, substance abuse, talent matching, employee orientation, client safety evaluations and partnerships, incident investigations and corrective measures, and return-to-work programs. The results are compared against a system of best practices developed by an advisory council of insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and staffing industry risk managers.

Information about WRC certification is published on the program's Web site at

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Formulating Healthy Workplace Relationships
Posted on February 27, 2015

Relationships. Humans are naturally social creatures; we are drawn to positive interactions that correlate to being happier and more productive. So, how does that translate to building better workplace relationships? Unsurprisingly we pay extra attention to the things that spark our interest. In fact, it is a foundation to any relationship; an entry to the remaining characteristics pertaining to positive workplace relationships. Here are five other characteristics to reference -

• Be open to new ideas; being mindful of others thoughts and feelings will ultimately make you more approachable.

• Have people skills; good relationships start with good people skills. This can range from communication to conflict resolution; know how to deal with weakness and turn it into a positive (and positivity is contagious!).

• Take the time to build the relationship; this means, face to face interaction. A quick cup of coffee or conversation regarding upcoming weekend plans could be a great starting point.

• Be appreciative; do you put more effort into something when you know your work is appreciated? We all do, make the people around you feel that same way.

• Respect. Aretha Franklin sang it right; stop wasting time watching your back and start to be honest and open about your thoughts and actions.

We understand that there are some situations where difficult workplace relationships. How to deal? Don’t be too guarded; you can keep professional without coming off disingenuous. When this happens, it is important (and essential) to maintain a professional relationship; make an effort to get to know the person and make it workable.

As you can see, your workplace relationships really relay on one essential thing: YOU. Your actions…so go ahead and focus on the characteristics necessary to formulate good, healthy workplace relationships.


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