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Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions Earns WRC Certification

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions announced today that they have now been awarded Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC).

The WRC program recognizes staffing companies that practice best in class risk management to reduce workplace injuries and related costs. WRC certified companies maintain that a focus on safety and risk management protects their employees while offering a higher level of service to clients.

“Safety and risk management are important areas of focus for our clients” says Janelle Koren, owner and CEO of both Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions. “This certification not only shows that we are an expert in these areas, but also that we are a valuable partner to work with to ensure safety in the workplace.”

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions are the only staffing agencies headquartered in Wisconsin that hold this WRC certification.

To be awarded certification, companies undergo a thorough review of their operational practices as they apply to hiring and screening, substance abuse, talent matching, employee orientation, client safety evaluations and partnerships, incident investigations and corrective measures, and return-to-work programs. The results are compared against a system of best practices developed by an advisory council of insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and staffing industry risk managers.

Information about WRC certification is published on the program’s Web site at

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Posted on September 25, 2014

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After you have done your background work on the position and company you are interested in, apply for a position and begin to prepare for an interview. Do not plan to go into the interview process unprepared, it could make for a disappointing early exit from consideration. To avoid this from happening, consider these tips-->

An effective way to prepare for the interview is to find a friend to ask you typical interview questions (your greatest strengths, weaknesses, goals and values). Next, focus on your wardrobe; a first impression lasts a while! As a general rule, it is always better to dress more conservatively. It displays professionalism and keeps the focus on the topic at hand: getting you hired!

The final piece to preparing for your interview is often overlooked: your attitude. Employers are looking for a positive employee who is not only a hard worker but also develops friends easily and works well in groups. It is important to take pride in your work, give credit to others and be a team player. Your attitude carries more weight than you think - especially in a short interview period!

Preparing for your interview may take some time however if you answer the questions honestly, dress to impress and pack your smile, you are sure to walk away knowing the prep time was worth the time and effort!


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