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Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions Earns WRC Certification

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions announced today that they have now been awarded Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC).

The WRC program recognizes staffing companies that practice best in class risk management to reduce workplace injuries and related costs. WRC certified companies maintain that a focus on safety and risk management protects their employees while offering a higher level of service to clients.

“Safety and risk management are important areas of focus for our clients” says Janelle Koren, owner and CEO of both Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions. “This certification not only shows that we are an expert in these areas, but also that we are a valuable partner to work with to ensure safety in the workplace.”

Locate Staffing and On-Site Solutions are the only staffing agencies headquartered in Wisconsin that hold this WRC certification.

To be awarded certification, companies undergo a thorough review of their operational practices as they apply to hiring and screening, substance abuse, talent matching, employee orientation, client safety evaluations and partnerships, incident investigations and corrective measures, and return-to-work programs. The results are compared against a system of best practices developed by an advisory council of insurance carriers, insurance brokers, and staffing industry risk managers.

Information about WRC certification is published on the program’s Web site at

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The answer has two reasons. First, there is a skills gap where unemployed people cannot fill open positions because they don't have the necessary training. Second, demographics play a role as millions of baby boomers are leaving the workforce (and there aren't enough people to replace them).

A few large companies in the area, Rockline Industries and Times Publishing Co. are looking for people to hire... and can't fill the positions. The good news is that these companies are looking to hire and train people that they weren't considering a few years ago; filling positions at the lower end of the skills range and then promoting from within (hello, temp to hire to promotee!).

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